Establish a Legal Will

The different types of wills

The will is the best way to organise the transfer of its assets while protecting his family.

As for the donations, there are several forms of testament, namely:

The Holograph will: it is a document written and signed by the hand of its author, without other formal requirements. This is the simplest type of will but also the least secure. The lawyer can assist you in drafting your Holograph to ensure respect for the law and drop it off at a notary to have this last it by the file Central provisions of last wishes (FCDDV) run by the Association for the development of the National Service (ADSN), located in York (13107), so that it is known to the heirs.

The testament authentic: this will require the intervention of two notaries or notary and two witnesses. The testator dictates its content to the notary who then actually reading before the witnesses. It is the most reliable testament type. It is kept by the notary.

The Mystic testament is written by the testator himself who puts it back in an envelope stamped and sealed to a notary before two witnesses. It, therefore, maintains secrecy as to the testator’s wishes.

The formalities of Establishing a Will

Regardless of the type of will, you should have a professional to in determined the content.

Similarly, and to ensure that their wishes are respected, it is necessary that the testament appears on the provisions Central file of last wishes (FCDDV). Otherwise, the heirs will not know and the estate will be wound up and shared as if there is no will.